hard boiled lay zay fare

hello.hi.hello.hello.hey.hello.hello.hi.hello.hello.hey.hello.hello.so essentially what we have here is the well known instance of a fabrijhzayed egg. it’s colorful. it’s spotted. it’s grey. it’s new. it’s fresh. hooray. acongratulations.   hooray.hooray.hooray.hooray.hooray.hooray.hooray.hooray.hooray.hooray.hooray.hooray. that means i’m winning.   ha ha ha ha ha

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Requiem over wildlife souflee

I wrote it but I rewrote it again. interestingly enough the wildlife preserve located naught 17 miles from where I am presently located is a serene environment where natural birds can be found in their habitat alongside a creek that runs throughout the valley. No, they don’t call it a valley and they don’t call […]

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A recipe in catastrophic excelleration and ridgeway parking facts. I realize that On occasion it bears prudence to move hastily whereas other times it makes logistical cohesion to walk at a pace more reminiscent of a youth or even toddler being slightly above infancy, the fact remains that holding true to one such e vent […]

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Sweet Vengence

Scott, the plumber, says there’s a “water ghost” since “we. Can’t recreate the leaks.” Whys everyone talking about the spirit realm suddenly eh?  -entitled, I was accused of writing gibberish on the internet and I can’t help but be pleased. On another note though, is it worth it? +wink+ 😂😂🙃🙃 ______ hoodoo nah believe?

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